UESI’s Land Surveying Department has two Licensed Professional Land Surveyors that are registered in Wyoming and Utah. They have the equipment and capabilities to run crews using conventional electronic surveying equipment, or GPS. UESI has experience in a variety of projects including the following:

      »    Boundary Surveys

                                                                                        »    Construction Surveys

                                                                                        »    Control Surveys

                                                                                        »    Aerial Control Surveys

                                                                                        »    Topographic Surveys

                                                                                        »    Highway Surveys

                                                                                        »    Subdivision Surveying

                                                                                        »    Water Rights

                                                                                        »    Elevation Certificates

                                                                                        »    ALTA Surveys

                                                                                        »    Pipelines

                                                                                        »    Powerlines

                                                                                        »    Oil & Gas Well Locations and Roads

                                                                                        »    Wind Farms

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