UESI’s Engineering Department is led by three Licensed Professional Civil Engineers all registered in Wyoming and Utah. UESI has the experience and capabilities to perform a variety of projects including the following:

 »    Site Planning and Land Development

                                                                                        »    Highways, Road and Street Design

                                                                                        »    Water Treatment, Supply and Distribution

                                                                                        »    Wastewater Treatment and Collection

                                                                                        »    Recreation Facilities

                                                                                        »    Light Structural

                                                                                        »    Hydrology, Erosion Control, Flood Control, and Drainage

                                                                                        »    Dams and Reservoir Design

                                                                                        »    Dam Monitoring

                                                                                        »    Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

                                                                                        »    Construction Management and Testing

                                                                                        »    Federal and State Permitting

                                                                                        »    Airport Design and Construction

                                                                                        »    Engineering Analysis & Reports

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